Pure Content


Pure Content

Developing content to suit any form and shape is our forte. Whether it is fresh writing, compiling or rewriting and editing, our wordsmiths are quick to turn around copy to suit your requirement.

Fresh content: Convert client brief to produce books, reports, brochures, process documents, meeting reports, concept notes, web content, E-newsletters/ newsletters, mailers, talking points, speeches, blogs, press releases, proposals, case studies and any other documents. Visit project sites, conduct interviews, engage with stakeholders, observe meetings and events, listen to transcripts, go through raw data and produce the final edited product.

Rewrites: Wade through a pile of documents to cull out relevant information and give it a structure as per client brief; and rewrite and represent it, incorporating feedback and iterations and present the final ready-to-use communication product. This could be annual reports, process documents, research papers, articles

Edits: Review documents and carry out edits, paraphrase, title/sub-title content, standardise tone and tenor, suggest and undertake rewrites if required and present a cogent, easy-to-understand final product.

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